Access to the Preschool

Temporary Access Route  

We hope that you have had a lovely summer and are looking forward to the new term ahead.

Over the summer we have had some works carried out on Preschool including our new access path, however there has been some delays to this. Therefore, from Wednesday 6th September we have been allowed to access Preschool via the main gate by the school hall.

The combination lock that was on our side gate will be moved to the main gate by the school hall and will be in place from 9am to 3pm. If you are unsure of the code please see Claire.

You will need to wear a lanyard to show that you have authorised access. You will be able to collect your lanyard from a Committee Member or from Claire on your first day back.

Once you have let yourself in via the combination lock you need to walk down past the school hall and Pine classroom to our picket gate, which will lead you on to part of our new path through the school garden, where you can make your way to the Arber, which now has a new weather proof cover and is our new waiting area. Please ensure that you and your child walk quietly pass the hall and Pine class as lessons have will have started.

To enable us to meet the Safeguarding requirements of the Primary School we must ensure that we take time and care to securely lock the combination lock and scramble the numbers and have our lanyards on. If we are lax on this matter and the gate is found unsecure then this will jeopardise our temporary access.

If you arrive early and the gates are open, please make your way down to the Arber via the route laid out above. Otherwise you will need to meet a Committee member or member of staff outside the main gate at the start of your first session.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation