Morley After School Club

What's happening in the After School Club?

The children can choose their own activities from a wide range of resources. We offer Craft activities such as card making, knitting, sewing and wood burning. Children can choose to  do home work, play cards read in our quiet area or be more physical playing football, hockey or enjoy our wonderful garden area.

Please Note :

Normal After School Club sessions now run from 3:15 - 5.30pm (not 6.00pm)

Breakfast Club Menu

After School Club Menu

These snacks will be planned into the session taking into account any themes and the children’s own wishes and dietary requirement’s.  There will be more than one choice on offer to accommodate the children’s preferences. These will be offered/prepared by the child if they so choose.  The setting promotes health eating/healthy bodies and we contribute to 5 a day.

The play worker will have regard to the Basic Food Standards .Cooking will be offered as an activity should the children require, with healthy natural ingredients. Food will be stored according to instruction and refrigerated at 8c.

The play workers will support positive health and well being by: